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Church of God


"On the Go Bags"

Helping Feed the Hungry

Our message is this, a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way that anyone in this world will have true happiness, joy, peace or hope. Everything else is at best a fleeting reflection of the true expression of these things.

The Bible says that sin separates us from God. It also tells us that EVERYONE has sinned. That means you, me, everyone has sinned. Sin is violating God's laws. The only way to get back into that relationship with God is through His son, Jesus Christ. The Bible goes on to tell us that God sent His son to pay the price for the sins we have committed. Kinda like a bankruptcy for our sins. Someone else paid our debts and His name is Jesus.

If you are tired of seeking joy, peace, and hope, and finding nothing that lasts, try Jesus. The Bible says He will never leave us or forsake us. In this world, people that we count on leave us. Voluntarily or involuntarily they leave us because even when they want to stay with us, none of us have control over when we leave this world. But Jesus is always there. You just have to reach out to Him.

Call us at 317-403-4236

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